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Another Copyright infringement report was sent to me by Tumblr, and it’s the final warning even though I’ve said so many times that I DONT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS BLOG UNLESS STATED. I give credit to every repost I post. And even deleted the audios I posted because I was wrong there for not giving credit. And here’s the bad news, I could be losing this blog if another report will be sent. I will miss this place despite the time I’m not posting very much. This blog was my dimension where I can fully tell everything I feel inside of me and inspire other people.

All I wanted was to make people Happy and Inspired. Thinking they are not alone in this world. I love this blog and every follower I have even though I don’t know all of you guys Personally. You guys are my strength.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all who contributed to make this blog great. It was a great time inspiring you guys.

So here’s the Announcement, this coming Saturday or even tomorrow, I’ll start with a fresh, new, and a greater Blog for all of you guys. I’ll be posting a Link of my new blog, and will Delete MusicBoulevard after a day. For now, this is goodbye. But I will return with a blog that’s greater and Better than ever.

This is MusicBoulevard, now signing off…


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